Understanding the CEU Cycle and Requirements for Ontario RMTs

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Every year around October; RMTs start to stress over their CEUs. The first question always asked is: “Is this the year I am suppose to report?”. There is an easy way to figure this one out.  Your 3 year cycle will always begin on the November 1st following your registration. So IF you were registered on October 31st, 2015 your cycle begins November 1st, 2015. But if you were registered on November 1st, 2015 your cycle begins the next year on November 1st, 2016. The chart for this is located at the following CMTO link.


The Second question will be “When is the CEU report due?” and/or “Is it due at the end of October? The answer is: The report is due by the first December 31st following the end of your cycle. This gives you 2 months between the end of your cycle and the time it is due; to compile the information that must be handed in.

In other words; you have some time to breathe still, if you started to panic in October about reporting. But if you don’t actually have all your CEUs; you do have to figure out how you will get them done before the day ends on October 31st.

Now online

The CMTO has now made reporting very easy by having an online portal that RMTs can fill in with their CEUs. Not only at the time of reporting, but all throughout your reporting cycle. This allows RMTs a place to also track their CEUs and ensure that they have what is needed before the end of the cycle rolls around.

To access this you must login to your CMTO account first. All CEU reports are kept confidential with your member account.

Why can I not Submit?

What many RMTs have noticed is that when they have reached their CEU total and want to now submit them officially, they can’t. Don’t fret about this. Your cycle does not end until Midnight on October 31st of your reporting year. Your ability to submit does not become active until, November 1st of your reporting year. This means that until November 1st officially arrives; you can still collect, and report, CEUs to the College. So if you already have your 30 CEUs logged into the site, sit back and wait for that Submit option to be active. You have not missed anything, nor have you “messed” something up.

This is most likely done to avoid having people submit totals, and then try to contact the CMTO to “add” or “modify” something. If the staff has to do this for 12000 RMTs; they will be wasting many, many hours that could be used for something else. We definitely do not want another reason for our fees to go up in any given year.

Mandatory Articles

Mandatory Articles are an easy 3 CEUs that every RMT will qualify for by reading all the CEU Articles in the TouchPoint magazine that were published during their cycle, and answering all the questions that followed. So really; all RMTs are responsible for obtaining their own 27 CEUs every cycle.

What seems to have people confused is exactly how to report them. The reason for this is; there is a two step process: First; record the CEUs earned, and second; verify you read them. In your report you can record all 3 CEUs on one line if you wish. Use ABA (activity code) CCL (competency code) and “Mandatory Articles from the TouchPoint”. try to find ‘where’ they should report them on their on-line forms. What will happen next is; after you finalize and “submit”, you will be asked to verify that you read the Mandatory Articles. This is because every single RMT will have this in common. The rest of our CEU’s will show an individual journey that each of us progressed through over a 3 year year stretch. These reports, being individualized, need to be fillable fields. There will be no individual verification for each one when you record them.

If you do not require the 3 CEUs (because you have tonnes); then you can just verify you read them without the need to record the 3 CEUs. So if you forget, and just submit; all you need to do is verify that the Mandatory Articles were read after submitting.

The CMTO is also now implementing a new component that allows RMTs to answer their Mandatory Article Questions through their CMTO account. This allows  the CMTO to have record, and proof, that did actually answer these questions.  Some RMTs will have seen this change already. What you will need to remember is that this is not enough. You are still required to have a physical record of the answers in your Portfolio. To do this you can simply print your answers and place the printout in your Portfolio.

Not Online

If you are not an RMT with direct access to the web at all times, or know someone like that, the RMT can still mail the forms to the CMTO. The catch is that the forms may be needed to be downloaded from, you guessed it, the web. An RMT can, however, request the forms be mailed to them through the Quality Assurance Committee. If this is the direction being utilized; please allow plenty of time to have them sent to you, and to send back to the CMTO. They are still required to be received by their office prior to December 31st. Considering that the CMTO offices shut down over the winter break; it is advisable to have them in prior to this break.

Chris Semenuk

About Chris Semenuk

Chris graduated from massage therapy school in London, Ontario, in 2000 and has been an RMT since January, 2001. Immediately, Chris gave back to the sport that got him into massage therapy by volunteering with the Western Mustangs Track & Field team, and a few years later becoming part of the Cross Country team too. He was given the role as Head of Massage Therapy, which he holds to this day. In 2015 Chris served as a Lead Medical Practitioner for the Toronto Pan Am Games. Since 2001, Chris has focused on the clinical side of Massage Therapy, and was also a professor from 2001 to 2012. The pinnacle of his education career has been building the Fanshawe College Massage Therapy program in the summers of 2011 & 2012. In addition to supplying sports massage to the Mustangs programs, Chris has been an Assistant Coach since 2011.