Thai Hot Stem Massage (Facial)

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The training series includes:

  • Detailed Video Instruction
  • Manual
  • Exam and Case Study forms


I am really delighted you stopped by.

This technique is my own creation, after many years of study, including time in Thailand to gain more understanding of these amazing compresses and what they can do for the body.

This technique is a unique combination of acupressure, facial reflexology massage and the use of the Thai Facial stems make for a wonderful technique we call Thai Hot Stem Facial.

The training series includes:

  • Detailed Video Instruction
  • Manual
  • Exam and Case Study forms

Videos include how to work with each of the three types of stems – they each have some unique properties and need a different handling for each type which I explain in detail.

Facial exercises normally only available in the hands on class now shown on video for you to teach your clients. These exercises will strengthen the facial muscles which in turn tones the skin on the face and creates a younger looking skin.

Contraindications for the technique and a breakdown of the ingredients and what to watch out for.

The full routine start to finish. You get all the same training as if you were in the class with me.

Even if you have taken similar training elsewhere I would be willing to bet you will learn some new tricks as I am really big on body mechanics while doing any manual techniques and this is woven into the training on the videos as well. Enjoy the training!

Course Outline:

Self directed on-line training for those who are not able to attend an in-class workshop. Estimated time required to complete is 8-10 hours

  • Overview of the history and development of Thai Hot Stem Massage techniques for both body and face
  • Brief review of facial skin care as preparation for the massage treatment
  • Contraindications and precautions – for the massage, moist heat and herbal aspects
  • Review of stem content; which stem to use for which client according to complexion and treatment application
  • Overview of pressure points and uses (i.e. TMJ, sinus congestion, eye dysfunction, tension headaches)
  • Learning the routine and how to handle the stems
  • Hands on practice (acupressure, finger massage, stems, scalp massage)
  • Review of home care techniques (including facial toning exercises)
  • Marketing the technique


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You will also receive a Document file that you will complete and email to us when you are done and then you will receive your certificate.

On-Site Training

If you have a group of 8 or more and would like to have Dana come to you, please contact us about the details and making arrangements. Dana has trained groups, clinic teams and spa teams across Canada and would be happy to bring the training to you.

contact me for on site training of massage workshops Rather have On-site training for your team?

  • Get eveyone on the same page fast
  • Save travel time and money
  • Great for groups of 8+
  • Get corrections on the spot to make it super effective.
  • Have fun! Great for team building.

Contact Dana Pharant RMT to arrange that. 705-790-1156

Email : dana @ danapharant dot com (intentionally typed to fool the spammers).



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