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If you have previously purchased a ClinicWise Online CEU Course, you can login here to access your courses.

Have an account with our previous CEU Library?
If you were using the older ClinicWise Online CEU Library, you can login to your account here: Login to CEU Account. However, you may want to switch over to the new system, as the course material has all been updated. You don’t have to pay again for your courses – just contact us and we’ll help transfer you over to the new system.

ClinicWise Online CEU Courses

About Our Online CEU Courses

ClinicWise offers Online CEU Courses for RMTs. All of our courses are eligible for credits via the CMTO in their respective categories, and do not require any special software to run. You can complete each course in one sitting, or take the courses in several sittings – each course will remember where you left off the last time.

When you have successfully completed a ClinicWise Online CEU Course, you will have the option to view / print a certificate for your professional portfolio. You will also retain access to the course material after you finish the course, so you can come back at any time for a refresher too!

The first time you purchase a ClinicWise Online CEU Course, you’ll be required to enter your email address and create a password. From that point forward, you can use that email address and password to login to your ClinicWise Online CEU Account to access the courses you’ve paid for and view / print your previously earned certificates.